Got Bits?

I got my Fat Sack O' Bits from Spikey Bits a while back, but finally had a chance to crack it open and take a look.  They've got some sort of bits packing ninjas over there, because once I got it all out of the bag I realized there's no way I'm going to get it back in.

It is a little bit like Christmas, all these bits.  There's some mounted Fantasy elf, Warboss, a bunch of Kroot, some Death Company arms, a whole mess of Dark Angel bits (including an awesome book bit that will surely come in handy), a few assault cannons (always good to have on-hand) and a bunch of everything else.

I guess this is a Chaos Sentinel cab?  Hmm... renegade IG DreadKnight conversion comes to mind...  The great thing about all these bits, especially from armies I don't collect and Fantasy (that I don't even play), is that it opens me mind up to all sorts of new conversion ideas.  There's a list of Badab War supplement characters I need to work on and some of these bits will definitely find home in those creations.