Fire Hawks Update

I've got my first two squads built for our local Escalation League.  The first round is 500 points, 1-2 Troops, 0-1 Fast, 1 HQ.  I'll be using these two squads with my Librarian under the Blood Angels Codex.  

The Vanguard are power weapon/bolt pistol x 2, chainsword/bolt pistol, power fist/bolt pistol and power fist/storm shield.  Hopefully they'll make good use of Heroic Intervention and Descent of Angels to smash something when they arrive.  The Assault Squad will be joined by the Librarian.  He'll probably use Might on the PF Sarge to make him into the cleanup batter.

The power fists come from the Sanguinary Guard box set; the rest of the bits on the Vanguard are from the Assault sprues.  I added a  wings bit to the combat shield from the Assault sprue to make it a storm shield; I'll later greenstuff the rest of the hawk onto the wings for a little added detail.

I also finally got the new water base finished and added on my Librarian Aachen.  The rest of the models will all be on the water bases.

The water bases photograph really well.  I think it looks better in pics than in person.