Quick Tip: Magnetizing Kataphron Destroyers

Can't decide between Plasma and Grav on your "Cadillac Destroyers"?  Every Dominus worth his infoskull knows you let the enemy decide, so let's magnetize these Destroyers for ultimate flexibility.

The only tricky part of the magnetization project is where to put the magnet on the interior of the gun housing.  Because it is hollow, there's not a good surface for mounting a magnet.

Just clip off a little sprue, trim to the right length and cram it in there.  The length of sprue will depend on the size of magnet you are using, so dry fit everything for a good fit before gluing.

Gun magnet-- a little bit higher than center, because of the position of the other magnet.

Always good to make sure you have your magnets aligned.  For ease of use, try to align them with the same polarity for all the models so each gun can work in each model.

Sprue in place, ready for the gun magnet.

Use a little sticky tack on the end of a spare piece of sprue to help guide the magnet into position.

And then just leave the sprue there until the glue dries.  Once dry, you should easily be able to pull out the sprue and stick tack.

For the Omnissiah!