Done Enough: Imperial Fists Sargeant

Still some work needed on this guy, but was enough for contest entry.  A good continuation to my Imperial Fists army, whenever I start in on that for sure.


Back to the Imperial Fists


For the first time in more than four years, I'm gonna paint some 40k.  There's a contest over on reddit and since I've cleaned out my office I've had a chance to catalog everything in my collection.  In a surprise to no one, the count was "too much".

Included in there was an Indomitus boxed set.  Primaris Marines were new since I'd painted last, so I wanted to give one of those a go.  This is the Primaris Lieutenant, with what looks like a Heresy Volkite weapon, so not sure what that is nowadays (I don't have the current Space Marine codex, so perhaps it has an entry there.)  Here's a few WIP pics:

I've decided on 6th Company, so that means orange as a company color.  One of my favorite colors to paint, but not really one I'd like to pair with yellow Imperial Fists.  It could be ok.  I'll probably have a few 3rd Company as well, so lots of yellow, orange and red in my future.  To balance, I'll probably stick with blacks and cool metallics for the weapons.

A Lieutenant mean standard yellow helmet, but with a red stripe inside a wider white stripe to mark the rank.  As Imperial Fists are strict Codex followers, I'll probably go with an orange V on a white background for the kneepad.

Anyway, it is nice to get back to painting again after so long away.

Daily Pic: Feb 1

Alexis Polux is one of the models that arrived in my Forge World order.  This is perhaps the cleanest model I've ever seen out of Forge World; there's almost no mold line to speak of and everything is sharp and clean.

Just like the rest of the Character Series, Polux comes nicely packaged in a blister and black box.

Daily Pic: Jan 31

Woo hoo!  My Forge World order arrived and I dug right in: breaking down my 10 Breachers.  I always break down models that will be easy to assemble.  It gives me a first chance to look over everything and think about any potential problems or changes I want to make and it also takes up quite a bit less space than the two baggies originally containing the 10 Breachers.

Of course, then you end up with this: bag-o-resin.

Here's the work in progress.  The Breachers look just like Iron Armor set (Mk 3), there's a little bit of a lost opportunity here, since these guys are supposed to have "hardened" armor by default.  Shields are sweet, though.

25mm bases-- why?!?

Look at this; fancy instructions from Forge World!  Quite a nice addition; first time I've seen this.

Other side of the sheet, including initials of who checked this bag.  Nice that they're attempting a more user friendly approach and trying to increase quality control.

Daily Pic: Jan 30

I love Harebrained Schemes' work on the Shadowrun games and I was excited to see what they were going to do with a miniatures game, so I was interested in checking out Golem Arcana.  Sadly, I forgot all about it until I saw the discontinuation article on BoLS.  So I ordered from the close-out sale and am looking forward to checking it out.  As far as pre-painted minis go, they quality is pretty high.

And yes, that is Mice & Mystics in the background there.  See more M&M here.

This post retro-posted as I catch up with my pic a day (yes, the BoLS article came out on the 31st).

Daily Pic: Jan 29

Here's the only thing I've started painting on my Warmachine Mercenaries force.  After this, I lost interest.  They're still up on my painting shelf, though.  Maybe one day...