Legion Fellblade Build

Big ass tank piloted by Space Marines?  Yes, please!

Here's what you get from Forgeworld when you order a Legion Fellblade.  Several baggies of pieces come along with a few plastic sprue and some really large resin chunks.  The plastic Baneblade sprue are what make this kit great-- thank goodness GW made those models-- the straight and regular frame makes it easy to build.  I don't know what I'd do without the straight plastic to use a guide during the heat-bend-fit phase.

Like any kit from Forgeworld, there's something to be desired from the Quality Control department-- I'm supposed to have two of each of these.

And resin warps.  The tracks are easy to fix.  The gun barrels were the part that gave me the biggest trouble getting straight.  The top deck took a fair bit of work, too.

But once you get past that, things go together fairly well.  I trimmed the tab off that lower front panel because I had no idea how you are supposed to fit it after you've glued the plastic frame together.  Once glued you can't tell the difference, but put this piece in with the plastic sprues if you want to do it "right".  I spent the most time trying to figure out how the L-shaped ammo case fit to the round turret.  By searching web images you can see that the fitment of this piece is all over the map.

In the end, I decided to line up the left side latches with the box on the turret.  Copious amounts of greenstuff will be laid down to make this piece a little more seamless with the turret.  As you can tell I used the plastic Rhino doors-- it just wasn't worth messing with the resin ones.

Next up: gap-filling and priming!