On the Table: Huron

Just got him last night; lots and lots of work left to do on this guy.  The least of which is picking out which color scheme to give him.

They up and gave Astral Claws a silver and blue scheme in the new IA book, but I'm not really a fan of the change.  It is a little too Ultramarines meets Grey Knights to me, and certainly doesn't look like a corrupt chapter.  (There's some really choice wording on the color schemes change in the book; really very weak and lame excuses.  If you are going to change a scheme, man up and just say the old one sucked, because it did.)  The old school tiger stripe colors are really hideous, so I am also considering a Red Corsairs scheme even though it would be chronologically incorrect.

Which scheme do you like?  Also leave your take on GW switching up schemes at will.