On the Table: Grey Knights

It has been a while since I've posted; I've returned from the great dessert of burn-out.  While WarGamesCon and Masterclass back-to-back were excellent, after those two big events I needed a little break.  I've barely lifted a brush since August, but here is the project I've started.  It isn't so much a project as practice for my blending.

With a color blend, it is easy to cheat and mask a bad blend by mixing in an intermediate color so for blending practice I'm painting up a squad of Grey Knights using true metallic metals (or whatever we're calling it) technique using only Boltgun Metal and Chaos Black.  When working with silver metals the black also provides a matte texture contrast with the shiny metal paint, so you can't mix an intermediate black+metal or your shadows will be sparkly (which might be neat, but not the effect I'm going for).

Here's the first guy in the squad, with just some of the initial Chaos Black shadows in place.  I'm going to tone him back from black a little with the base color, but these GKs will have a lot of shadows and just a little bright silver.  My goal is to get the squad of 5 finished by the time the new Grey Knight Codex is released.  Hopefully that will give me plenty of time!

What's on your practice table?  I know a lot of people are experimenting with airbrushing; I'd love to see some first tries at airbrushing or blending.