Win $10,000 at the Crystal Brush 2011


I almost don't know what to say, except "Pack your bags and bring your 'A Game' to Adepticon" because CMON is offering TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to the winner of the 2011 Crystal Brush, held at Adepticon in April 2011.

"CoolMiniOrNot Inc announced today the Crystal Brush Awards, which will be a painting competition held  AdeptiCon 2011 in Chicago from April 1st to 3rd 2011. The Crystal Brush awards are a showcase for the best in miniature painting, primarily focused on fictional setting."

And if you think that's all, there's still a big cash prize for second and third.

$10k is unheard of.  What do you guys think?  Anyone now going to make the trip to Chicago in April?