Daily Pic: Jan 5

Goodbye, Vindicators!  Hello, lascannons!

A few months ago I went on a building spree.  I had a bunch of vehicles in boxes and I really just wanted to clear out some space, so I put a bunch of them together.  In a weekend I assembled two Vindicators, two Stormraven, a Stormtalon, Land Raider and a Fellblade.  Sadly I still have several more vehicles to go, but I made a dent in the backlog.  I didn't really have a goal for these, I just wanted them built.

So when I saw TheDude looking to move 5 MKIV Lascannon dudes and looking for some tanks in trade, I jumped at the opportunity.  5 Lascannons is just what my Imperial Fists army needs.  I also got the nicely painted Skyshield in the trade, although I might want to add a bit of yellow iconography to it.