Thursday Game Night: Eldar vs. BT, IG vs. IG and lots of DE

Thursday Game Night in Austin again at friendly, local game store Dragon's Lair.  I played a test game with a new "hobby" Eldar list (lots of FOC restrictions) against Splug's new Black Templars.

Things started out well, Warp Spiders immobilizing a Rhino containing the Emperor's Champion.  But, I forgot to make their assault move to get away, and they got gobbled up by the EC and his buddies.

The game was all downhill from there: Farseer getting charged by Assault Terminators and the Black Templars getting into the meat of my army pretty early.

My last hope was Fuegan, alas he failed to score a wound on 4 hits and died to a pounding of Preferred Enemy power fists.  I guess the list was ok, but I made a few mistakes and had some bad decisions.  Against a good opponent, I was toast and Splug wiped the Eldar out (although I did hang around until turn 6).

Darkwynn was testing some Hellions in his Kabal of the Orange Fruitcake army.

He faced off against JWolf, now back to his trusty Imperial Guard after a few bad experiments with Space Marines.  JWolf previously played Crazed Red Pretorian's Red Pretorians in a rarely-seen IG vs. IG battle which will soon be up on BoLS as a video battle report.

JWolf, Josiah, Caldera and the Wiley One (a recent 40k convert) battle at a busy game night.  Full tables and lots of games; what more could you ask for?

Chatter this week was on the Badab re-do, which is entering the production phase (expect a teaser soon) and WAR Games Con, where we'll be experimenting with a new computerized scoring system.  And, of course, Adepticon looming on the horizon; several Adepticon armies in final testing and lots of travel arrangements being made.