Black Templars Repaint (Novamarines)

I've had this Black Templar Terminator army ever since I finished it as part of an "Army in 30 Days" contest at our local game store.  Now that I've got my Novamarine Terminator Librarian and that the Novamarine special character from Forgeworld is a Terminator Captain I figure it is time to turn those Black Templars into Novamarines.

I loved the Foundation Paints when they were released.  I remember doing a test with both a black and white primed model and covered each in a few thin coats of Mechrite Red and, in the end, you could not tell which red was over white and which was over black.

But since then I haven't used the Foundation paints that often.  They are a little hard to work with, and really not something you want to use in thin layers.  But when I was about to embark on an army repainting project I knew exactly what tool to use.  For this I'll be using Deneb Stone and Mordian Blue as the base for my Novamarine army.

Crap, which side is blue?

Not a bad base coat.  The Mordian Blue covered really well, needing only a few touch ups where I thinned the paint too much.  The Deneb Stone needed a little more help covering the black, but two coats did it for the most part.

Now just twenty more to go.  Nova-Wing coming soon!