Daily Pic: Jan 3

Time for everyone to get some color.  A few of the early testers have a little more of the golden color base coat, while the rest are more of a green.  The golden yellow came from a bad airbrush cleaning, so I'm glad it is mostly confined to the Mk III squad.

This is probably the final base color for everyone-- Vallejo Yellow with a Vallejo Medium Yellow highlight.  Man, that yellow is stinky when you throw it through the airbrush.

Which reminds me of a story: long ago I was discussing brush licking with a Golden Demon winner.  He was a brush licker to control paint consistency.  A quick brush on the hand to dry the brush a bit, a quick lick to thin the paint a little bit.  I explained that I never eat the art supplies (but I do have the bad habit of licking clean brushes to put a point on them).  He shrugged, and explained that he'd done it for so long he's had trouble breaking the habit.  But there's one paint he won't lick: Vallejo.  He said something like "I'm sure they conform to the standard, but I'm not putting that in my mouth."

After spraying twenty-five models, I understand why: it smells bad!  It doesn't smell like paint.  It smells like a locker room.  Or butt.  It is stinky.  I'm glad I sprayed these guys in the garage.