Lego Deathstar, Part 1

How can you not love the Death Star?

Many times I've pictured walking out of the Lego Store with this thing tucked under my arm.  Luckily, for Christmas I had to imagine no longer.  The first thing I noticed is that it is really heavy-- 3800 Legos have some weight to them.

And it isn't just one box, it is boxes inside of boxes!  Also, don't forget the awesome, spiral bound assembly manual.

And not just boxes inside of boxes, there's bags and bags in each box.  These bags were just from box one.

What giant Lego set would be complete without a whole mess of mini figs?

Starting with the base platform, assembly is pretty straight-forward.

There's just lots of pieces.

And more pieces...

This battle station is fully operational.

And just when you think there's no more, there's another box!

Seriously, look at that thing in the background.  How are there so many pieces left?

Next time I finish up and mount the beast in my office.  Happy building!