Review: KR Multicase XW11 Foam Set

It is no secret that I love KR Multicase.  Their small cases are perfect for bringing just a single squadron, and I can keep my whole collection (well, almost) in foam, in a box, dust-free and ready to go gaming.

When I saw their Huge Ship foam kit was available (and that it held a Tantive and two Transports), I ordered it straight away.  It arrived today and I wasn't disappointed.  The Tantive and a single Transport fits on the full-width bottom tray.  I stuck the ship cards on the edges because there seemed to be a little extra room (compared to the smaller card cases.  I dropped the Huge Ship maneuver template under the Tantive so it doesn't float around on top.

The second level includes a cut-out for the Tantive Engines and dish, with four standard ship slots.  I managed to fit all the bases on the first tray, so the second base spot was open for my spare Lambda Shuttle.  (Note: The Huge Ship and Large Ship bases ARE NOT the same.  The large stands on the Huge Ship base don't fit on the Large Ship bases, and vise-versa.)  A few A-Wings were garnish in some of the spare compartments.  I've got plenty of ships on bases in my other three KR cases, so I just need a place to put ships.  This case has plenty of extra compartments for just that use.

My only quibble is I feel like KR missed out on adding some extra ship compartments as opposed to generic card or rectangular compartments.  It looks like a Lambda could fit on the bottom level, and I might just customize my case to fit it.

It looks like the XW11 is only available if you pick X-Wing and Custom trays, so if you are having trouble finding this set try this link.  I ordered the XW11 foam and an empty full-width card case.  I was a bit worried when it was delivered in the standard white shipping plastic covering, but the case itself was inside a foam bag, surrounded by a thick shell of shipping cardboard.  When I pulled out the card case, it was in pristine condition.  I definitely recommend this set if you want to max out your Epic Huge Ship collection.

If you want to store two Transports on the cheap, check out my earlier post on re-using the GR-75 box.