X-Wing List: Crow Crew

The HWK-290 is a scrappy little ship.  While most people are familiar with the Kyle Katarn "Focus Factory", I've had fun with this list of three HWKs I call "Crow Crew".

Roark Garnet: Blaster Turret, Recon Specialist, Engine Upgrade
Kyle Katarn: Swarm Tactics, Blaster Turret, Moldy Crow, Engine Upgrade
Jan Ors: Veteran Instincts, Nien Nunb, Ion Cannon Turret

At 99 points, there's some variety to be had with Jan's equipment, as she usually feels a bit like the third wheel.  I haven't yet found my ideal setup for her, but I'm excited to try out different crew cards on her (or even an oldie like Saboteur).

The key mechanic to this list is that everyone is usually shooting first.  Roark gives PS12 to Kyle, Kyle passes it back via Swarm Tactics and Jan's Veteran Instincts gives her PS10.  Kyle can pass off an extra focus, or hold on to it if it looks like he's going to lose his action.  Engine upgrade gives the HWKs a good chance to get in and slip past the first wave and gives some time for the Blaster Turrets to go to work.

The fun in this list is maneuvering to minimize being shot, which keeping all of the mechanics within range (which is Range 1 for Swarm Tactics, Range 3 for everything else).  This is a tricky list to win with, but at 15 it has a middling amount of total Hull+Shields so you usually won't be wiped right away.  I'm in search of a good four HWK list (which may or may not be named "HWK-ward"), but this is my favorite list with three HWKs.