X-Wing Crateology: Wave 5 Speculation Round-Up

I've always admired FFG announcement of new product.  While their release of products leave something to be desired, I've had a lot of fun looking at their preview and spoiler images and thinking about how I can use the new pieces in my Squadron lists.  So today here's a little modern-day "crateology" as I summarize the Wave 5 speculation.


TheMetalBikini does some research and finds a few nuggets.  From the Wookieepdia article on Dash Rendar, it looks like "Wild Space" Pilot/Smuggler/Pirate will be the YT-2400 equivalent of the Outer Rim Smuggler.  I guess that makes them an Way Outer Rim Smuggler.  Lanyssa Ryssyll on the FFG forums offers an alternate suggestion, from the French translation.  We might be looking at a Wild Space Explorer/Colonist or Pioneer instead.

Eaden Vrill and LE-BO2D9 ("Leebo") are guessed to be the other named pilots for the YT-2400.  There's a hidden modification card on the stack, but since the Boost card is included maybe it is just an Engine Upgrade instead of something new.  "Stay On Target" has been predicted by most, but it will be interested to see what the card actually does.  It looks like the trend of named pilots becoming crew cards continues, as we get Lando and what looks like a few of the named YT-2400 pilots as crew.  Lone Wolf might be an interesting Elite Pilot Talent, giving a bonus when not in range of friendly ships perhaps?

The first of the other two unknown cards, guessed to be "Experienced Interpreter", sounds valuable in Wild Space, but not sure what kind of game effect it will have.  The final unknown card seems to be "Counter Measures" and a modification card which seems like it may have an effect of shedding Target Locks or increasing Agility.

YT-2400 Pilots: Wild Space Colonist, Eaden Vrill, Leebo, and Dash Rendar
YT-2400 Cards: Lone Wolf, Stay On Target, Dash Rendar, Gunner, Lando Calrissian, Leebo, Mercenary Co-Pilot, Proton Rockets, Heavy Laser Cannon, Experienced Interpreter, Outrider, Counter Measures and probably Engine Upgrade.


It looks like the Pilots are guessed to be Patrol Leader, a named Captain, a named Commander and Rear Admiral Chiraneau.  Chiraneau should be interesting, as he's a former TIE ace. It looks like he gets some sort of ability that changes an eyeball to a crit at Range 1-2.  (My guess is "When attacking at Range 1-2 you may change 1 of your [eye] results to a [crit] result.")

I'm interested to see what "Ruthless" does, since you get two with this ship.  Intimidator seems fitting for this set as well, but I'm most interested by Tactical Jammer.  I'm guessing Dauntless is the title card for this ship, but not sure about the Moff Jerjerrod card.  Why would you want play the guy from a rich family that couldn't get the Death Star 2 built in time?  Although, FFG did give us some fun with the Porkins mechanic, so maybe they've got something up their sleeve.  Jerjerrod was a specialist in logistics, supply and energy systems, so I'm guessing his card will have mostly a supporting role or buff the defenses on the Decimator.  Ysanne Isard crew card could be an improved Intelligence Agent (based on fluff), but Imperial Only.

I love the space debris markers.  Hopefully these aren't just for the scenario and are optionally obstacles for normal play.  But what's most interesting to me on the Decimator spread is the Evade token.  Why does an Imperial player need even one more Evade token?  Maybe Tactical Jammers provides an Evade token?  Hmm...  Did you know the Decimator is supposed to be an "evil" Millennium Falcon?  Why do I like it more now?

VT-49 Pilots: Patrol Leader, unknown named Captain, unknown named Commander, Rear Admiral Chiraneau
VT-49 Cards: Ruthless (x2), Intimidator, Ion Torpedoes (x2), Moff Jerjerrod, Mara Jade, Fleet Officer, Ysanne Isard, Dauntless, Proton Bombs, Tactical Jammers and an unknown modification card.

Well, there's the crates and now we know most of the names.  But what do they do?  That's the big question.  We'll probably find out at GenCon!