Game Night: X-Wing

I got a few games is last night with the Dark Hobbie list.  After flying large and huge ships, I need a bit more practice maneuvering 4 X-Wings around.  The list did well, 2 wins and a loss, and the gimmick Hobbie is fun to play.

But I'm not too sure about Biggs.  He's decently effective, but I'm not really a fan of game mechanics that specify something your opponent can not do.  In other systems they are annoying, and in general I think they are a bummer for your opponent.

The thing I did enjoy about the list is that it is pretty easy to fly.  You have four ships, but only 2 pilot skills to worry about.

If I were to remove Biggs, what would be good at 28 points?  Perhaps Jan + Swarm Tactics, Nien Nunb?  Hmmm...