Instant Impressions: Tantive IV Expansion Pack

Kir Kanos lines up the kill shot on Jaina's Light
My first impression: it is big.  I was expecting it to arrive in the same size box as the GR-75 Transport, but it comes in its own bigger box.  The two plastic bases are the same large bases seen elsewhere, but the card is quite a bit bitter than the Transport ship card.  (The Transport ship card is a hair shorter than the "5" maneuver template, but the CR90 is a couple of centimeters longer.)

The CR90 is also a bit harder to play.  The Transport is a good Huge Ship introduction because it has no guns.  All of your energy goes into defense and defensive cards.  The CR90 on the other hand has a lot more options.  Although it makes about 25% more energy than the Transport, there are many more ways to spend it.

The first test flight, my son and I played Jaina's Light CR90 Corvette with Tibanna Gas Supplies, Gunnery Team, Sensor Team, Single Turbolasers and Quad Laser Cannons on the fore section with Toryn Farr, Engineering Team, Backup Shield Generator and Quad Laser Cannons on the rear section.  Opposing the CR90 was Howlrunner with Stealth Device, four Academy Pilots, Kir Kanos with Stealth Device and two Sabre Squadron Pilots with Push The Limit.

Although I am still not a believer in the Turbolasers, the CR did do some first round damage to Howlrunner with a long range sniper shot and some bad Evade dice.  Against long range Turbolasers, it just seems like too many Evade dice to ever by anything other than a lucky shot.  ("Never tell me the odds!")

The key to flying against big ships, that I learned when we were using the old Kenner CR90, is that you have to make the first pass count and then line up the second pass as quickly as possible.  Interceptors were really effective against the Huge ship because Toryn Farr doesn't really reduce their effectiveness.  Star upgrade was the Engineering Team-- getting extra Energy is key when you have lots of ways to spend it.

Towards the end of the game a few Reactor Leaks crippled the CR, but only Kir Kanos was around for the coup de grâce.  The lack of the Jam action is really missed.  I noticed the damage deck is different between the CR and GR, but I'll do a closer look later.  In the end, is it bad if I say I think I like the Transport better?