GR-75 Rebel Transport: Kit for Offense & Defense

The GR-75 Rebel Transport is a flexible support ship if you spend the points on upgrades.  While a base huge ship has several supportive Actions, the GR-75 doesn't really shine until you spend some points on upgrades.  The Combat Retrofit is a given, as ten hull with regenerating shields is a daunting opponent.  Here are two GR-75 configurations around 60 points, one setup for attack and one for defense.

At first you might not think that a ship with no primary weapon could be an effective offensive tool.  But after you've flown the GR a few times (perhaps into your own ships), you'll know how effective a weapon huge ship overlapping can be.  Here's a setup to maximize that ability, plus a few extra ways to deal damage:

GR-75 Medium Transport for Offense (62 pts):

  • Combat Retrofit
  • Quantum Storm
  • WED-15 Repair Droid
  • Intelligence Agent
  • Engine Booster
  • Slicer Tools
  • Ionization Reactor
Intelligence Agent and Engine Booster all work together to help you overlap another ship. The Quantum Storm title card ensures that you will always have at least one energy to perform this maneuver (unless you've been Ion'ed).  Remember that Engine Booster itself can't be used to overlap, but giving a little boost to your turn for greater reach.  If you can't overlap, at least you can get a little closer to more ships for an Ionization Reactor blast.  The WED-15 Repair Droid will help with all that accumulated debris on the front of the ship.

I'd love to have Navigator here, but it is outlawed in the Epic tournament rules, and that's probably a good guideline for friendly play as well.  (Gunner and Luke Skywalker are also outlawed, and Biggs is restricted to small and large ship targets.) 

Also consider: Frequency Jammer, for dishing out additional Stress tokens to supplement Slicer Tools.

When setting up a GR-75 for defense, you must take the Toryn Farr upgrade.  There's no better defense against Advanced Proton Torpedoes than taking away all of their target locks and focus tokens.

GR-75 Medium Transport for Defense (61 pts):

  • Combat Retrofit
  • Bright Hope
  • Toryn Farr
  • WED-15 Repair Droid
  • Frequency Jammer
  • Backup Shield Generator
  • Expanded Cargo Hold
The Bright Hope title card gives you some wiggle from the initial salvo and when there are no imminent torpedo strikes, the WED-15 Repair Droid can mitigate some of your existing damage.  The Backup Shield Generator will give a little protection each round Expanded Cargo Hold and Frequency Jammer give options for assigning damage and controlling opposition actions.

Also consider: Flight Instructor for a boost when reinforcing or Chewbacca for a little defense against Proton Bombs.  Consider Raymus Antilles for additional opposition action control.

With two crew slots and three huge ship upgrades, there are plenty of options for different combinations.  What kit have you been running on your GR-75s?