Rotating B-Wing for X-Wing Miniatures Game

I am clearly getting old. I thought I definitely remembered that the Wave 3 B-Wing could rotate between horizontal and vertical. Alas, and much to my dismay, it does not. So, here I am with a broken B-Wing flight stand and a few more grey hairs. 

Time to break out the square brass tubing. I first used this trick when pinning the weapons on old metal Eldar War Walkers. Round pins would lead to droopy weapons, plus using square tubing with square rod made it easy to swap out the different guns on the War Walkers. 

The advantage of the square tubing is that it makes for very simple 90 degree rotations for the B-Wing. Just drill out the old peg and use your knife to cut between the cylindrical engine pods and eventually you will have enough space for the square tubing. Definitely dry fit before you glue, on the clear side as well. 

Piece of cake.  Now I can swap my B-Wing position to suit my mood, and clear conflicting overlapping models. Now... What do I do about the rotating cockpit?