Ask the Corps: A Pair of Serpents

A group in Austin is working on an Eldar army in the Yme-Loc paint scheme.  Local Psyberwolfe did the great Autarch above and others have been working as well: Bushido Red Panda completed a Cobra and Crazed Red Pretorian is working on a squad of Banshees.

As you can see the color scheme is orange and a nice blue-grey.  My contribution is a pair of Wave Serpents and I originally wanted to do inverted paint schemes on the two.  But then I laid down the base coat on the first one and it turns out that my love affair with orange is still ongoing. (Engines are Tamiya Hull Red, Orange is GW's Foundation Orange shaded with 50-50 Hull Red and highlighted with Tamiya Orange; all laid down with the airbrush.)

Now I'm thinking that I want to lay down the underside of the Serpent in the grey-blue.  Or perhaps just the turret in the grey and the underside an even darker grey-blue.  Or, looking at the rest of the pieces, maybe I should keep the underside white and use the grey-blue on the Wave Serpent energy projectors, just as a touch of color?

And if that's for one, what do you think about the second Wave Serpent?  Inverted color-scheme of the first?  Or identical scheme with other identifying marks?

Have at it!  Let me know what you think for dealing with this unusual color scheme.