Fire Hawks Update: 500 pt Force

I got three colors on my Fire Hawks for the first round of our local Escalation League.  Not much for 500 points, eh?
 I've played 6 games so far and I'm 2-4 (which isn't too bad considering I started in an 0-2 hole).  Without the Sanguinary Priest and other pieces, there's just no synergy in the list.  It also doesn't help that I have no shooting at all; but at least the Vanguard are good for a Heroic Intervention.

Here's a little WIP example on the back of the Vanguard powerfist on how I'm trying to convert the Blood Angel iconography to Fire Hawks logos.  The smaller items will just be painted on, but larger pieces (the storm shield, for example) will need a little green stuff.

June starts 750 points and I'll be keeping with the elite nature of the army and only adding 2 models next round.