Fire Hawks Librarian Aachen Tournet

From the upcoming Badab War supplement, here's my take on Fire Hawks Librarian Aachen Tournet inspired by the Badab Character Competition. (Which ends today!)

I started with the airbrush of Fire Hawks Orange (from House of Genius Colors) and did a little shading (Tamiya XF-9 Hull Red) and highlighting (Tamiya X-6 Orange), also with the airbrush.  With the regular brush I used Macharian Orange, Bright Orange and Golden Yellow.

Golds were done using GentleBen's technique with P3 Umbrel Umber as the base, GW Shining Gold and then a Gryphonne Sepia wash.

I still need to add some detail to his jump pack and wings and add his flaming boots, but I want to work on the tester again before I try that on a final model.  I also need to come up with a basing scheme.  I like the dark red-brown color I've got on there, but I might try a bright tan sand.  Or might a bright blue water effects base.  They are a fleet-based chapter, so no real home world to take inspiration from.  Any ideas?

I can't wait to see all the Badab Character Contest entries.  Thanks to Aventine for setting it up and Silar Lannaris over at The Fallen Princes for organizing everyone.