DreadKnight Conversion Contest: Parts Have Arrived!

As you have read, I'm entering the Spikey Bits DreadKnight Conversion Contest.  After some soul-searching, input and a discussion with BDub (that shot down my earlier idea), I've decided which non-Marine army I'm going to use.  Not only that, but my order has already arrived from Spikey Bits.  (They also got the DreadKnight in bits and other Grey Knight bits if you're already looking for those.)

I have a couple of Crisis Suits, and at this point I'm going for a double-sized Suit, perhaps something more of a vehicle that would have a crew of two or three.  My first idea was to use the railgun from the Hammerhead, but it is gigantic compared to the suit-- it might just be too big.  I've seen a suit with the small metal railgun from the Broadside and that was too small.  I might have to cut down the Hammerhead version or come up with something else.

The Ion Cannon is a great size and provides a distinctive "Tau" look, so I'll definitely be using that.  The feet of the DreadKnight already have a nice Tau shape, so I'll only be changing those slightly.  But the legs and arms and especially the torso will need a lot of work.  Time to break out the modeling saw and plasticard!