Adepticon 2011: Monday Wrap Up

Well, it has come and gone.  The Austin boys (and girl) are still on their way back to Texas, so here's a wrap from around the web on Adepticon 2011.

The Back 40k has an interesting discussion on the 40k Championship tournament pack.  It has been a topic of discussion this weekend among the locals that didn't attend Adepticon and we're all eager to hear from the players themselves.  "I don't think the tourney was a failure as a result, but I don't want to see this system used again either" from Sandwyrm @ The Back 40k echos other's comments, but some mentioned that the setup was an ingenious way to squeeze both a normal RT and Win-Loss event into the same tournament.

Dark Future Gaming also has some great reports on all different areas of Adepticon this year: the cool Boarding Captain no one got because the line was so long (I kid, I kid), tons of Team Tournament pics, some cool models from Gladiator, and even a report on Fantasy at Adepticon.

And let's not forget Brent's Road Trip video over at Strictly Average.

The rest of the best Adepticon reports from around the web: