Adepticon 2011: Friday Thread

News has started to trickle in for Friday; here's what I've found so far.
Bushido's Round One Report | BDub's ForgeWorld Eldar Phantom Titan Pics

Plastic Legions: Adepticon Day One Live Pics

Dark Future Games: Battle For Terra Display (lots of nice close-ups)

Plastic Legions: Adepticon, Day Zero

Hogs of War: Day Before The Storm

Blood of Kittens: The Thursday Arrival (with a few great slideshows and a video)

Craftworld Lansing: Live From Adepticon

Dark Future Games has a shot of the Swag Bag, which includes a Warmachine Battle Group Box.  Nice!

I've heard the ForgeWorld line was out the door at 8 AM and that it has been HOURS long all day.

Check back for more updates.