Adepticon 2011: 40k Champ Update and Day One Recap

photo: Blood of Kittens
Oh where, oh where did all the Imperial Guard go?  I remember last year at Adeption it seems like two out of three armies was Leafblower of some sort.  Now, according to BoK, only one of the final 16 is Imperial Guard.  Of the 16, 9 are Marine variants, and 3 are Orks-- good to see them still hanging around.

It is interesting to note how the Qualifiers compare to the Overall results.  The #1 qualifier finished 82 overall and tied for second-lowest Sportsmanship score.  (So much for those who say Sportsmanship scores don't make a difference.)  In fact, only 6 of the 16 qualifiers actually finished within the top 16.  I thought there'd be a little more overlap.

I heard the wait in the ForgeWorld line was hours long all day and many I talked to just weren't going anywhere near it.  I also saw a report of "Forge World is giving themselves a bad rap again..sigh..", but no details.

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