Spikey Bits DreadKnight Conversion Contest

So the Junior-Super-Scientist-in-Training over at Spikey Bits is running a DreadKnight Conversion Contest and yours truly is entering.  The contest is to convert the DreadKnight to a non-Astartes pattern, so pretty much anything but a power-armored Codex.  (Here are the official rules, and you can order your DreadKnight from Spikey Bits Store if you're inclined to enter.)

But what to make?  I've got 2.1 non-Marine armies: a massive collection of Eldar, a decent sized Ork force and a very few Tau pieces.  I've got plenty of Eldar bits for something, and an Ork conversion would be pretty straight-forward, but only a few Tau suits to chop up... hmmm... decisions, decisions.

If you have a recommendation or advice, please leave it in the Comments!