Thursday Game Night: Goatboy, Titans and Mirror Match

Just your average game night in Austin at the local FLGS.  Goatboy was there showing off the Internet's favorite Grammar Wolves (Word Bearers counts as Space Wolves) and a Chaos Titan he'd recently finished in some insanely short amount of time.

Local FoW player Mike was there showing off some of his fantastic French armor.

Most of the discussion was on upcoming tournaments: Adepticon, WAR Games Con and the next local tournament.  Quite a few Adepticon lists were getting exercise and I took the 40k Mirror Match list from WAR Games Con out for a spin (although against Eldar).  The latest hot topic was tinkering with the local more-fun-less-competitive tournament structure (which, to be fair, is pretty much always a topic of discussion).

The Mirror Match list gives the general a lot of options.  All of the units are full-sized except the Terminators, so you'll have to decide which you'll want to break down into Combat Squads.  If you want to run Sicarius with one of the Tac Squads, then they'll need to be on foot or Combat Squad to fit in the Rhino.  And then you'll still have two units that can Deep Strike, one that can Outflank and have a special rule to hand out thanks to Sicarius.

I played a 4 objective mission against Eldar with Spearhead deployment.  I started with Sicarius with half a Tac Squad and Deep Struck the Librarian with Terminators.  The Scouts also Combat Squadded and I gave the Assault Marines Scout to get them as close to the Eldar as possible.  In the end Sicarius ended up joined to the Librarian and Terminators for a big multiple assault.

In retrospect I think the Librarian should always start on the board, so that he can make use of his Psychic Hood early in the game, which in the Mirror Match will cut down on his mobility in some areas.  With Gate you'll still be able to get around, so I don't think I'll DS him again.

Coming from Space Wolves, I'm glad to be able to split the Scouts so that they can engage two different targets.  I'd consider Outflanking the power fist.  I don't think it will catch anyone off-guard, but it might be effective in an objective game if they can reach it from the edge.

In the end I fought to a 2-2 draw against the Mech Eldar.

Luckily JWolf was there to answer a few questions I had.  Yes, you can pick either weapon to switch out for the power fists.  Hopefully he'll put a Mirror Match FAQ up before too long.