Friday Quick Tip: Durable Blastscape

This just in from the Better-Late-Than-Never Department:

If you've seen the GW Blastscape sets in person, you know what a disappointment they are.  These pieces are very thin and can easy be damaged.  Drop a metal model or drive a Land Raider over it and quickly the peaks will be crunched.  But when JWolf of War Games Con (formerly known as BoLSCon) gave me three bags of these sets I knew I couldn't turn them away.

But what to do with them; how could I bulk them up without making them heavy (I've got quite a few to transport), but still make them durable enough to play on?

Turns out this left over bottle of expanding foam I had in the garage did just the trick.  The foam itself is fairly pliable, but when you cover the inside of the Blastscape with it (be sure to get a good, even layer on the inside) the pieces become a lot more durable.

This crater has a spot in the lower right hand corner that needs more fill.  Use less than you need, because the stuff does expand quite a bit.

Once the foam is solidified, trim the excess with a large blade or band saw.  Now the question is: to mount these to HDF or let them go "naked"?

Look for more BoLSC... er, I mean War Games Con terrain articles as the even approaches.

Anyone here going to War Games Con?  Did you know Dave Taylor will be putting on a class?