On The Table: Marines Exemplar Scouting Force

Poor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau; he's getting no time on the painting desk these days because friendly local game store BattleForge Games is running a painting challenge.  The goal is to paint up a 500 point force in a month and use that force in a tournament at the conclusion of the thirty days.

There's little fluff about the Marines Exemplar so I cheated and changed their color scheme.  After painting a whole bunch of Black Templars (most of them also in 30 days), I wanted something that would have a little more contrast and visual appeal than black armor with red arms.

I trimmed out the shoulder pads, kneepads, chest eagles and veteran's helmets in Bleached Bone over 50-50 Bleached Bone/Calthan Brown over a base of Calthan Brown.  The reds are Mechrite Red, Go Fasta Red with a hint of Solar Macharius Orange for a highlight.  The shading on the red is Vallejo Game Color Dark Fleshtone, which is a nice dark brown-red.  The bases will be brown, so even though the scheme is a simple red/black/white, everything is tinted a little brown for a warmer, richer color.

But now back to work!  There are only 6 days left and I've got these twenty plus a Rhino and Drop Pod to finish.

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