Friday Quick Tip: Faces and Stubble

I'm finally getting down to really painting my Novamarines from the Badab Campaign (yes, that was several months ago) so I've been hitting the net searching for Marine tips. Monstrous faces from the GW site was nice, but I've been searching a lot for a good stubble technique. Here's a great Friday Quick Tip Video from LBursley on Space Marine faces and getting that great shaved-head stubble effect.

Here's the materials list:

Vallejo Game Color Bone White 72034/GW Bleached Bone
Vallejo Game Color Elf Sintone 72004/GW Elf Flesh
Vallejo Game Color Dwarf Skin 72041/GW Dwarf Flesh
Vallejo Game Color Hexed Lichen 72015/GW Liche Purple
Vallejo Game Color Cold Grey 72050/GW Codex Grey

Additionally LBursley's dilution mix: 10 parts water to 1 part Liquitex Flow Aid. Use this mix to dilute the paint; the video gives you a good idea of the consistency needed.

The key to good stubble appears to be the dilution of the paint and stippling the paint on instead of painting a defined area. On to the video!

Be sure to check out Les' YouTube page with dozens more video tutorials.

How do you do you faces? And eyes? I'm firmly in the no eyes camp, so let's hear it on eyes or not.