Ask The Corps: Jungle Terrain

As some of you may know, I worked on some of the terrain at BoLSCon last year and was overseer for one of the Narrative Track games. This year at BoLSCon one of the tables will be Beta Anphelion IV, which is also a beautiful terrain set sold by ForgeWorld (and seen above). Unfortunately there's no budget for the ForgeWorld piece, so I'll be making it by scratch.

One part of the board I'm not sure about is the swamp and jungle pieces. (I think the interpretation for the board is going to a little more Dagobah and a little less Jurassic Park.) I'm a little disappointed with the swamp and jungle above, since it just doesn't look "wet" enough for me. Plus since this will be a Narrative Track table it will be home to Apocalypse level games and probably be about 15' x 5' and setup temporarily on conference room tables.

So how do I cover a whole board with swamp and jungle (without actually making a huge board) and still have enough space for Apocalypse toys? If you've worked on any jungle or swamp pictures I'd love to see what you've done.