Friday Quick Tip: Clampdown

Today's quick tip is about getting a helping hand when you need it. I've been assembling a few Chimeras lately and have found that a few small clams really help to get a good fit on these vehicles that sometimes have large parts that are hard to otherwise fit.

Sometimes you have to get creative with how you are going to arrange your clamps. On the rear section of the Chimera you can see the floor is too thin for clamping. In this case I used a small section of tube across the tracks. You could also use a popsicle stick or even another clamp.

You can even use clamps to secure models for a tight fit. This Guard sniper had a gap at the left wrist.

I've also used clamps to secure Falcons, Land Raiders and just about any 40k vehicle. There's no reason not to have a few of these clamps in your modeling tool box as they are a great time saver. You can pick them up from big box mega stores or tool places like Harbor Freight for $1.99.

What handy tools to you have in your modeling box?