Friday Quick Tip: Advanced Basing; Go Big!

A while ago our Friday Quick Tip talked about using different material and textures to create an easy, but characteristic basing scheme. Today we take that information and run with it. Not only should you carry the same scheme across your whole army, but also to your display board as well. This week we go big making a based display board.

The key to pulling off a display board that ties with your armies basing is simple: match your colors and textures. While I'll save the display board how-to for a larger article, I want to hit on a few points to help not only keep your basing colors and techniques the same, but visual basing themes that tie the army to the display board.

The quickest and easiest way to tie the display board to your army is to use the same materials on your display board that you used on your bases. The display board is going to eat up a lot of materials, so make sure that you've been buying those in bulk. You will probably use five to ten times the material on your display board than you did basing your whole army.

The same goes for paint. While it isn't always practical to use the same (high quality) paints from your models on your display board, you can easily get a decent match from craft paint at your local craft store for a buck or two. The closer the match, the better the overall look.

Another aspect of tying the board to the models is to keep some of the same themes. Here's an example from my Eldar army. My HQ's are on larger bases; height is used to denote rank.

I carried the same theme to my display board. Fuegan sits on a cliff at the front and center of the display board. The Farseer, while more of a support role, sits high up on the cliff directing the action.

Also, go for a sensible arrangement of models. Put your big HQs and hardest hitters up front. On my Eldar display board, I hid my poets, carpenters and other artists (Storm Guardians) in the back while my Warlocks and Fire Dragons led by Fuegan are right up at the front edge.

If all of your materials, colors and themes are coordinated then your big display base will have a big impact. Here are a few examples of display boards I've completed for my armies.

"Go big or go home", they say and just because you've finished painting that army doesn't mean it is complete until you finish that last gigantic base!