Friday Quick Tip: Storm Shield Librarian

Anyone who has read the new Warhammer 40k Space Marine Codex knows how good Storm Shields have become. Now that they grant an invulnerable save that basically lets you survive two-thirds of the time no matter what hits you, you will want one where ever you can get it. And that includes on your Terminator Librarians. But how do you get a Storm Shield when one doesn't come with the Librarian model? And how about one that looks like something a Librarian would carry?

The answer can be found in the disgustingly large Librarian back banner. By trimming the top eagle off, removing a section of the rear banner pole and adding a plastic fist, you can get a nice looking Librarian Storm Shield without having to spring for the Storm Shield bit.

As you can see, the bit in question is very close to the size of a Storm Shield from the Assault Terminators box set.

Just grab a spare fist bit, trim part of the knuckles to fit the shield at an angle and cut away part of the banner pole to fit the fist.

Voila! Instant Librarian Storm Shield.

What are some of your quick bitz conversions?